Boys Keep Podium Streak Alive!

Asst. Cpt. James Kressman
Captain Kanna Pasunuri
George Flint
Ben Dykstra
Madison Campisi
Aubrey Zimmermann
Julia Mooney
Devon Dobbs


Racing at Blue Mountain is the real deal. The mountain kept the race trail closed the day before our race in order to guarantee a phenomenal course. And it most certainly was! The race track held up to perfection this past Saturday, Feb. 11th at Blue Mountain in PA. All the athletes were thrilled for the opportunity to race on the long, fast course set from the top of Razors Edge down to the finish hut. 

Down a key varsity racer, our boys' ski team managed to keep their season podium streak alive and raced to a third-place finish. Pingry won the race with a team time of 8:19.27. Blair Academy raced to a second-place finish with a time of 8:31.00 and Sparta finished 3rd with a team time of 9:03.01. Assistant Captain James Kressman lead the boys' team with a combined time of 2:12.25 (8), immediately followed by Captain Kanna Pasunuri at 2:12.67 (9), George Flint at 2:15.03 (15), and Ben Dykstra at 2:23.06 (25).  The boys picked up 6 wins and 2 losses that were adjusted by .666 to 4 wins and 1 loss due to the large size of the event. 

GIRLS SKI TEAMS: All the girls performed well completing both their GS runs. The girls' varsity finished in 4th place with a team time of 9:15.16. Leading the girls' ski team with a 5th-place individual finish was Madison Campisi with a combined time of 2:07.47. Also contributing to the girls' team time was Aubrey Zimmerman 2:19.52 (12), Julia Mooney 2:22.71 (15) and Devon Dobbs 2:25.46 (18). Winning the Race was Ridge High School with a team time of 8:41.28. Taking second place was Pingry with a time of 8:44.51 and finishing third was Blair Academy with a team time of 9:06.04. The girls picked up 5 wins and 3 losses that were adjusted by .666 to 3 wins and 2 losses due to the large size of the event. 

NEXT RACE: Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 5 pm at Mountain Creek. 

STATS: Here are the varsity ski teams' win percentages and rankings after five conference races: Varsity Girls 58% Ranked 7th | Varsity Boys 86% Ranked 3rd

Photo Credits: Coach Rod Calafati 

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