Boys Enjoy Back To Back Podium Placement & Win 1st Place at Slalom #2


Team & Individual Points

Last Updated 10/27/22


Each team receives 1 point for each team it beats and 1 point for each team it loses to in a race. Two out of six conference races will be scored only against the teams in the other conferences. To qualify as a team in an event, a team must field 3 racers. A ghost time will be issued for the fourth racer which will be the last racer's time plus 30 seconds. Should a team miss a race or not qualify as a team in an event, retroactive wins/losses and future wins/losses will be granted once a team has raced as a qualified team in 50% or more of the season conference races. 

State Championships:  A total of 11 NJ high school boys and girls ski teams will compete at The State Championships. The top 8 teams in the league by winning percentage qualify for States plus the 3 top teams from the Petro Qualifier. This season, every ski team will compete in six scheduled conference races, three slalom, and three giant slalom. These six races determine which eight teams will move on to compete at the NJ State Championships at the end of the season.  Teams need a minimum of 3 races to qualify for States.

Petro Qualifier: The top three girls and boys teams who finish podium first, second and third at the Petro Qualifier will advance to the State Championships. This is the absolute last chance to keep the season alive. It's all or nothing. The Petro will be one-run slalom and one-run giant slalom. Each team must have raced as a team in 3 conference league races. 


All-League: The Top 33% of NJISRA league racers will earn the title of "All League" and compete at The Race Of Champions. The top 33% to 40% will race as an honorable mention.

Individual Points are calculated as follows: The combined time from both runs in six league conference races will be scored 30-1 for both genders. 

Individual League Points will be the sum of the 6 conference league race points.

All-State: Twelve NJISRA racers will be named "All-State" NJ Boys Team and "All-State" NJ Girls Team based on individual League Points x 0.30 plus the scored points for each of the 3 ROC runs. Two slalom runs will be scored 20-1 and one GS run will be scored 30-1.