Playing a high school sport involves making choices.

In joining the Sparta Ski Team, you acknowledge that our team is your priority. You understand what is expected of you as a team member and will always try your hardest to improve your skills, support your team, and maintain excellent sportsmanship.

All Meetings, Practices and Races are mandatory!

Ski racing is a demanding sport.  We sometimes race in subzero temperatures under icy tough terrain so it is imperative we stay close and develop abilities to the maximum potential.  For the safety of all - if you make the choice to disobey any of the school or team rules - you will not be allowed to train with the team at the next practice/event.  If the offense happens the day before the race - the Athletic Director and the Head Coach will decide if you will race in that race.  The consequences may seem harsh but the school and coaches are responsible for your safety and we take that responsibility very seriously.


In-season student-athletes are strongly discouraged from playing other outside organized sports during the high school athletic season. The demands placed upon a student-athlete, both in the classroom and in the playing arena, are more than enough for an astudent to handle successfully.

Student-athletes are required to attend all practices, team meetings, and games. Student-athletes are advised to establish their priorities and make a choice in advance of the athletic season.