Another 1st Place WIN At Slalom Race #2

1st Place At Slalom Race #2

Another 1st Place VICTORY For The Sparta Girls Ski Team !

At our second conference slalom race on Tuesday night, the unseasonably warm temperatures and soft snow could not slow down our alpine racers. Both the girls and boys ski teams were amazing. They all skied with strength and heart, and finished on the podium. With a team time of 5:42.39, the girls ski team won 1st place and the boys team took 3rd place. 

Celebrating back to back first place victories, the varsity girls ski team have podium placed at every race this season. These girls are in a groove and smoking hot. Tenafly finished in second place with a team time of 5:50.92 and Vernon finished in third with a time of 6:29.25. The four Sparta racers contributing to the team victory finished one after the other, and all in the top 7: Jillian Stote in 4th place, Claudia Calafati in 5th place, Olivia Finkeldie in 6th place and Cora Moriarty in 7th place. 

For the Varsity boys ski team, winning was imperative to keep their hopes alive to make it to the State Championships. The only way for the boys to increase their standings from 34% would be, to out race 3 of the 4 opposing conference teams. And that is exactly what they did. The Sparta Varsity Boys Ski Team took podium third place with a team time of 5:31.30. Vernon finished in first place with a time of 5:03.42 and Delbarton second place with a time of 5:13.60.  Connor McAndris (6th overall) and Tucker Sears (10th overall) led the way and finished among the top ten racers. Also contributing to the boys time were Charlie Flint (12th overall) and Kanna Pasunuri (17th overall). The boys performance gave them 3 wins and 1 loss and put them exactly at the .500 mark. With only two conference races left, the boys team will now focus on moving above 500.

FYI: At the next two races Sparta will be competing not only against the teams in the other conferences, but Vernon and Dwight Englewood as well.

Here are the team standings after our fourth conference race: Varsity Girls: 11 Wins 3 Loss | Varsity Boys: 7 Wins 7 Loss.

Congratulations Team - Great Race! 

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Thanks to everyone who came out to cheer on the Sparta Ski Team. We hope to see you all at our next race, on Thursday Feb. 6th at 5pm.