Mikaela !!! Ski To Prom With Me

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Mikaela, Serena & Claudia
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Mikaela Rules Killington Slalom Course

Another energetic World Cup race and fun time for all ! This past weekend, racers from the Sparta Alpine Racing Ski Team cheered on the women competing at the 2019 World Cup Slalom Races in Killington, Vermont. Mikaela Shiffrin dominated the icy Superstar slalom course and won the slalom event for the fourth year in a row at Killington by a solid 2.29 second lead.

Ski Racing Magazine captured Sparta Ski Team Captain Connor McAndris asking Mikaela Shiffrin to the high school prom. She gracefully signed the banner with a big smile and took photos with our racers. 

"Mikaela !!! Ski To Prom With Me"

Only time will tell. Our team captain remains hopeful.