Kanna Pasunuri

The last chance to qualify for the NJ State Championships. The first run will be GS and the second run Slalom. The top three teams will qualify for The NJ State Championships.

This is a tribute Senior race that honors the memory of former Newton racer Steven Petro. The Petro scholarship is awarded to a senior girl and boy who race in the Petro and submit a scholarship application.

No. Runs: 1 Run Giant Slalom & 1 Run Slalom
?pm Race Start

The girls and boys teams who finish first, second and third at the Petro Qualifier will advance to the State Championships. Each run is scored as a completely separate race, so racer lineups may differ for each event.  The GS run will count as a team time, and their slalom run will count as a team time.  Those 2 team times will be added together to form an overall time just like States only it's 1 run per race in this case.  In other words, the two runs are scored as 2 completely different races.  

2019 Petro Champions

This is the absolute last chance to keep the season alive. It's all or nothing. The Petro will be one-run slalom and one-run giant slalom. Each team must have raced as a team in 3 conference league races or more.

Teams competing will be allowed to add additional seniors to their lineup that have submitted a scholarship application but would not necessarily have been on the team's top six racers.


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