Race #3 - Slalom

Alpine Slalom Race Sparta Ski Team

Conference: F & A
7 Teams Competing: Sparta, Blair, Ridge, Bergen Catholic, Morristown Beard, Jefferson & Newton 

Depart SHS: 10:30 am
Inspection 12:30 pm
Race Start 1:30 pm

RACE ORDER: Varsity Girls Run#1, Varsity Boys Run#1, Varsity Girls Run#2, Varsity Boys Run#2, JV Girls Run#1, JV Boys Run#1, JV Girls Run#2, JV Boys Run#2

SEEDING: Sparta Girls 2nd, Sparta Boys 2nd

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Spectators who do not have a Mountain Creek Season Pass and plan to hike to the race finish will need to complete the Ski Race Spectator Access pass online through the Mountain Creek Racing Snow products portal. It replaces the old paper waiver spectators (parents/family) signed to be allowed to walk up the hill to view the race. 

The following is the link to the Mountain Creek Race Spectator Access pass.

Individuals will need to log into their family Snowcloud account or create one to complete the transaction. There is no fee for this. Once the transaction is complete they will receive a QR code/receipt. On the day of the race, they will need to show the code/receipt to a ticketing person (orange jackets) to receive a wristband. The wristband will not work for the lifts. It will just provide proof that they have completed the waiver and are allowed to walk up the mountain to the respective race finish.

Individuals will not be allowed to walk up the hill without completing the Ski Race Spectator Access pass online and receiving a wristband.

  • We will be racing at Mountain Creek South on Race Trail
  • Race Trail is located off of the Bear Peak chair lift.
  • Spectators can hike up to the race finish area to watch the races. The mountain has trail maps at the base you can use to ensure you are going the correct way. 
  • The hike will take about 15 minutes


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