Ski Coach Of The Year & Outstanding Sportsmanship

2024 Sparta Girls Ski Team - NJ Coach of Year & Sportsmanship Title

2024 NJISRA Awards:

- Ski Coach Of The Year
Rod Calafati
- Outstanding Sportsmanship
Sparta Girls Team


Sparta’s dedication to coaching and sportsmanship shines through at the 2024 NJISRA year-end coaches banquet. For the third consecutive year in a row, Sparta Ski Team Head Coach Rod Calafati has been voted NJISRA Ski Coach of the Year.

2024 Nj Ski Coach of The Year Rod Calafati

Receiving the title of NJISRA Ski Coach of the Year has been a truly humbling experience, surpassing my own expectations. The recognition received in the previous two seasons was incredibly special and motivating, making this honor even more remarkable. 

Coaching alpine ski racing is not just a job, but a passion that continues to drive me towards excellence. The dedication and integrity shown by the ski teams and coaches around me inspire me to keep pushing forward and striving for the best every season. I am deeply grateful for the honor bestowed upon me and want to extend my thanks to all the race coaches in the NJISRA. Each one of them plays a vital role in shaping the future of ski racing, and I am proud to share this recognition with such a talented and inspiring group. Thank you for your unwavering support and encouragement. And most importantly thanks to all the wonderful athletes I have had the honor of coaching.

The Coach of the Year award is decided through a vote by the head ski coaches of the New Jersey Interscholastic Ski Racing Association (NJISRA) at the annual coaches' dinner held at the end of the season. After three years on the NJISRA Executive Council as League Representative, Coach Calafati is eager to make a difference in his new position as Vice President.

The 2024 NJISRA Outstanding Sportsmanship Title has been awarded to the Sparta Girls' Ski Team, in a three-way with Bernards High School and Blair Academy. This marks the fourth consecutive year that Sparta has been recognized as the Sportsmanship Team of the Year. Throughout the years, the Sparta ski team has established a reputation for good sportsmanship by winning graciously, showing respect to opponents, and accepting defeat with grace. 

NJISRA Outstanding Sportsmanship - Sparta Girls Team

Ladies, congratulations! Receiving the NJISRA Outstanding Sportsmanship Award is a truly remarkable achievement that fills me with immense pride. The Sparta ski team's reputation for good sportsmanship is truly commendable, and this award is a testament to your positive attitude, ethical conduct, and respectful behavior.

Sportsmanship goes beyond winning titles; it's about giving your best, showing respect, and upholding honor and integrity. Your exceptional conduct has earned you praise from various individuals, highlighting not only your athletic skills but also your outstanding character and values. Your display of sportsmanship serves as an inspiration to others, and I am excited to see your future successes. Congratulations once again on this well-deserved achievement!

Best regards,
Coach Rod Calafati