Double Epic Podium Victories

Sparta Alpine Ski Team 2024

Double The Glory - Varsity Girls & Boys Take First Place!

WOW! Last night was one for the record books as our Girls & Boys Alpine Race Teams were on fire 🔥 at Mountain Creek last night, achieving Double The Glory with two First Place Podium Wins 🏆  🎊 👏 Their hard work and passion for racing was clear to see as they dominated the Giant Slalom course on Kamikaze race trail from the starting gate to the finish line. 

GIRLS SKI TEAM: The girls remain UNDEFEATED this season, proving they are the team to beat. Their passion and determination had them skiing with a fierce focus last night. The Sparta Girls won the giant slalom race by an impressive 36.7-second difference with a team time of 7:15.40. Wayne Valley took 2nd place with a time of 7:52.12 and Dwight Englewood took podium third with a team time of 8:01.86. The girls commanded the win with four magnificent individual team times among the top seven. Contributing to the girl's team time was Cpt. Madison Campisi (2), Aubrey Zimmerman (4), Cpt. Devon Dobbs (6), and Ava Dyrsten (7). The girl's score for the race was 7 wins and 0 losses. 

Our JV girls had an outstanding night as well, capturing the top three finishes. Brynne Cashion won the race, Maddie Gambino second place, and Annie Soreco third place. Congrats girls!

BOYS SKI TEAM: And the boys - way to go men! You shredded up that course with grit and speed, determined to win it all and making us so proud. Powered by a notable fourth and fifth-place finish from Drew Young and Cpt. George Flint along with times from seasoned racers Ryan Grycuk (10) and Patrick Fitzsimmons (11) the Sparta Boys delivered the winning team time of 7:07.45. Morristown Beard took second place with a team time of 7:15.48 and Newton took third place with a team time of 7:20.61. The boys' score for the race was 7 wins and 0 losses.

This is a night we'll remember forever. Let's keep the momentum going and the victories rolling! GO SPARTANS! 🏅 🏅

Congratulations on the Epic Double Victory!

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NEXT RACE: Mark your calendars, our next race is Sunday, Feb. 11th at 10 am at Blue Mountain. 

STATS: Here are the varsity ski team's wins/losses after three conference races. Varsity Girls 15 win - 0 loss | Varsity Boys 16 win - 2 loss