Varsity Girls Team Takes 3rd Place at Giant Slalom Petro Qualifier

2018 Petro Qualifier Girls Team

Varsity Girls take 3rd Place at the Petro Qualifier Giant Slalom Race with a total team race time of 2:50.32. 

This marks the second time in the past three race seasons that the Sparta Girls Race team has successfully finished in the top three in the annual Giant Slalom Petro Qualifier.

Here are the results for the top four Sparta racers contributing to the teams 3rd place victory:

Bib  Racer Time Place
1SP Polina Novozhilova 40.49 9
2SP Olivia Finkeldie 41.26 12
5SP Jillian Stote 43.06 21
3SP Valeryia Shumskaya 45.51 31