Girls Win Petro Championship 2 Years In A Row

Petro Champions

Girls Win The Petro GS Championship - Two Years In A Row!

For the second year in a row, the Sparta Varsity Girls Ski Team, "SENT IT" at the Petro GS Qualifier last night at Mountain Creek and won 1st place. The Petro is a memorial race and all seniors racing are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Having already qualified to compete at State Championships, the girls varsity lineup was modified to include all our seniors and give them a chance to win the scholarship. With no pressure to perform, the girls were excited to race and have some fun. Sporting summer bikinis, pit vipers and and floral leis, the Sparta varsity girls ski team once again claimed victory and won the Petro for the second year in a row.

With a winning team time of 7:30.90 the girls won the podium. Ridge finished in second place with a team time of 7:40.92 and Pope John in third place with a time of 7:46.80. The four racers delivering the win were Olivia Finkeldie who finished in 5th place, Jillian Stote finished in 7th place, Claudia Calafati finished in 8th place and Olivia Calandrillo finished 23rd. Next up for the varsity girls, State Championships Friday Feb. 21 and Sunday Feb 23rd.

The boys varsity ski team struggled to capture the wild card seed at the Petro GS Qualifier. This was a mega race with fifteen NJ high school ski teams competing. For the varsity boys team, the Petro GS Qualifier was our last chance to qualify for State Championships. Sadly, the team was troubled with DNF's and the Petro ended up being our last race of the season. Team captain Connor McAndris gave it a most respectable, valiant effort and finished 3rd overall out of the 84 boys racing with a combined time of 1:39.32. Vernon won the race, followed by Ridge and Delbarton. Sparta finished in 10th place overall. 

Best of Luck To Girls Varsity Ski Team At The State Championships !!!

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