Spartans Race To Podium 2nd At GS Race #2

Seniors Parents Tribute
Team Captains Cora & Kanna
Seniors Cora, Rachel, Devon & Emma
Varsity Girls Team
Raised Poles Tribute

Girls and Boys Take Podium 2nd At GS #2!

We all enjoyed last night's stellar team performance and we had a fun time celebrating our four seniors at our fifth slalom conference race. Podium second wins from both the boys and girls varsity alpine race teams helped elevate our win percentages and bring us one step closer to competing in the upcoming NJISRA State Championships. Race after race, this team continues to grow closer, race faster and ski stronger. Looking at the individual race times of all six varsity racers including our JV racers, it is clear we have developed depth to make us resilient. Our future continues to shine brighter and we continue to progress.

Team Captains Cora & KannaIt is impressive how all six Sparta varsity girls finished in the top fifteen. The Sparta girl's team time of 4:46.47 gave us a second-place podium win. Ridgewood won the race with a team time of 4:42.29 and Mountain Lakes finished third with a team time of 4:46.58. Contributing to the Varsity girls team time was Team Captain Cora Moriarty who finished fifth overall, followed by Madison Campisi (7th), Aubrey Zimmerman (9th), and Catherine Marussich (13th). The girl's score for the race was 4 wins and 1 loss; increasing our win percentage to 74.07%.

This makes four races in a row that the boy's ski team has achieved the podium. With a team time of 4:34.73 the boy's team once again won podium second. Contributing to the Varsity boys team time was Team Captain Kanna Pasunuri who finished sixth overall, followed by Drew Young (11th), George Flint (13th), and James Kressman (20th). The boy's score for the race was 5 wins and 1 loss; increasing our win percentage to 66.67%. Delbarton won the race with a team time of 4:13.30 and Wayne Hills finished third with a team time of 4:35.17.

With only one conference race left to go, we are focused on staying the course and achieving podium at our last conference race of the season in hopes of prequalifying for States.

A special "THANK YOU" to all the parents who organized a heartfelt tribute to our four seniors. Over the past four years, team Captain Cora Moriarty, Emma Dyrsten, Rachel Reder & Devon Scott have blessed our ski team with leadership, team spirit, and wonderful memories! We love our seniors!

Seniors Parents Tribute

Here are the team standings after our fifth conference race: Varsity Girls: 20 Wins 7 Losses | Varsity Boys: 22 Wins 11 Losses.

A Stellar Performance From All!

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Mark your calendars, our last conference race for JV will be held on Thursday, Feb. 10th at 5 pm at Mt Peter and Varsity on Friday, Feb. 11th at 3 pm at NWAC.