Sparta Names 2020/21 Ski Team Captains

2021 Ski Team Captains
Team Captains
Young & Calafati
Claudia Calafati
Rachel Young

With the new school year just days away, the Sparta Ski Team sets its focus on the upcoming race season and names seasoned racers Claudia Calafati and Rachel Young Sparta Ski Team Captains for the 2020-21 season. Both Claudia and Rachel have raced on the varsity ski team for the past three years and know what it takes to get to the podium. They know how to motivate and lead the Sparta Ski team to victory. Well known on the mountain top, these two racers have often been the last off the mountain, sending off NJISRA racers with cheers of encouragement.

Claudia and Rachel are extremely hard working, strong leaders, positive thinkers, well respected, inspirational and 110% committed to the Sparta Ski Team. We are thrilled and excited to see how these seniors will impact the success of our ski team.

Congratulations Claudia and Rachel - Ski Strong!

Sparta Ski Team Captains Calafati & Young