SENT: Wed. Feb. 8, 2023 11:37 am
TO: Racers & Parents 2022/2023 (83 subscribers)

NO Bus Feb 9th W4K - Athlete Team Travel Release Required

Sparta Ski Team Racers and Parents,

I regret to inform you, we are unable to secure a bus for our mandatory GS practice tomorrow Feb 9th at W4K after school.

Parents, I need your help in working together to carpool our athletes to and from this practice.

Every parent must complete the Athlete Team Travel Release Form and return to me via email All forms must be submitted to me no later than 1 pm tomorrow in order to participate in practice.

If anyone is having difficulty coordinating a ride, please let me know by 8 pm tonight and I will see what I can do to arrange transport. If you have a challenge just with the return from W4K to SHS please let me know.

I will need to hear from everyone. Please keep me posted on who will be driving so that I can make sure no one is left out. I await your reply.

Thank you for your assistance! 

See you at the race tonight.